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NCSU - Managed Pine Plantation (Hafley & Smith) Model

Thank you for your interest in the North Carolina State University - Managed Pine Plantation - Growth and Yield Simulator by W. L. Hafley and W. D. Smith. This is an updated version of the original MS-DOS model which was written in Turbo Pascal in 1991. This version includes a new Windows interface for specifying the simulation, outputs to HTML or CSV files, the ability to save and load runs, and configuration of outputs.


The NCSU - Managed Pine Plantation (Hafley & Smith) Model has the following enhancements over the original MS-DOS version:

Item Description
Windows interface The windows interface provides a simplified method for model input.
Runs "original" program The original model has only been modified to allow it's execution from another program, ensuring that the simulation results are the same in the Windows version as the original MS-DOS version.
HTML and CSV output The simulation results can be displayed as a HTML (web page) or CSV (Excel) files. The results can then be saved, printed, annotated according to the users preferences. CSV files can also have additional calculations performed in the results.
HTML output includes charts The HTML output options includes charts for each of the variables presented in the simulation results. In addition the user can specify which charts they want to include in the output.
Save and load defined simulations Any simulation can be save and loaded later.

System Requirements

The recommended system configuration for the NCSU - Managed Pine Plantation (Hafley & Smith) Model is provided in the table below:

Component Recommended Requirements
Hard Disk The Model requires about 2 MB of disk space. The system runtime files may require as much as 8 MB of disk space.
Web Browser HTML output is displayed in the default web browser on your computer.
Excel (optional) Microsoft Excel (or another spreadsheet) is useful, but not required, for displaying and doing additional calculations on simulations results.

NOTE: NCSU - Managed Pine Plantation (Hafley & Smith) Model only works on 32 bit versions of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, and 7). If you have Vista or Windows 7 64 bit, then you need to run Windows XP Mode for the program to work correctly. Windows XP Mode only works on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. If you have WIndows 7 Home Premium you will be able to download and install Windows XP Mode, but it will ask you to upgrade your version of Windows for it to work. Download the free Windows XP Mode from:


Alternatives to Windows XP Mode include:

VMware Workstation -

VMware Workstation will allow you to create a virtual copy of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7) that is 32 bit for running legacy software. VMware Workstation runs on Windows and Linux computers. VMware Fusion works on Mac OS X computers. A valid Windows license is required for installing Windows in VMware products.

I use VMware Workstation extensively for testing software on multiple Windows and Office versions.

Virtualbox -

Virtualbox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware running under Windows (XP and later), Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. It allows you to run 32 bit copies of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7) allowing use of legacy Windows programs. Valid Windows licenses are required for installing the virual OS.

Currently testing Virtialbox and NCSU - Managed Pine Plantation (Hafley & Smith) Model.



You can download the software here: NCSU-MPP-HS-1.0B-Setup.exe (20 MB)

Known Issues and Future Features

The following are known issues with this release of the NCSU - Managed Pine Plantation (Hafley & Smith) Model.

Issue Description
Thinning Sort Order The thinning sort order in the dialog will be incorrect if thinnings are entered and then the output range is changed to include year 100.
Model hang The Turbo Pascal model may "hang" if it's prompting for input. Delete the SCRATCH file to unstick the locked condition and get output again.
White pine model statement The statement about white pine model development and funding is in the help file but no visible when the model is run.


Last Update: August 2, 2014 5:32 PM