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Model   Description
CACTOS - CAlifornia Conifer Timber Output Simulator
Climacs - Successional model based on Jabawa for Pacific Northwest stands.
Conifers - Young stand model for northern California conifers with competing vegetation
CRYPTOS - Young-stand redwood and Douglas-fir stand simulator
DFSIM - USFS Douglas-fir simulator
EconHDWD - computer program for assessing the economic consequences of vegetation management on the pine component of unthinned loblolly pine plantations
FASTLOB - Growth and yield model for fertilized and selectively thinned loblolly pine plantations
FPS - Multi-region multi-species growth model
FVS - USFS Prognosis varaints
Ghat - Growth of Appalachian Hardwoods After Thinning: System of computer programs used to predict growth and yield of Appilachian mixed hardwood after thinning
GYST - Growth and yield model implementation shell
Jabawa - First computer growth model (IBM mainframe). Yale University. Successional Model, Distance-independent, climate variables drive species success and survival. Used for climate modeling.
LobDSS -  
MGM -  
NATLOB - computer program to predict growth and yield of unthinned, natural stands of loblolly pine
NCSU Managed Pine Plantation Model - Hafley & Smith - Loblolly pine & Eastern white pine, with hardwood competition. Allows economic analysis with QuickSilver. Updated to Windows Interface.
Organon - Multi-species growth model for SW Oregon, Willamettee Valley Oregon, and Washington-Oregon variants
Organon - Assisisoft versin
PCWTHIN - computer program to do financial analysis on predicted growth and yield of thinned and unthinned old-field loblolly pine plantations
P-LOB -  
Prognosis BC - British Columbia (metric) implementation of the FVS (formerly known as Prognosis) model
PTAEDA4.0 - Simulation of Individual Tree Growth, Stand development and economic evaluation in Loblollly Pine Plantations (4.0)
PTAEDA2 - forest stand simulator for modeling individual tree growth and stand development in loblolly pine plantations on cutover, site-prepared area.
RVMM - Young stand growth model with competing vegetation
SPHARC - Southern Hardwood - not actually software yet! System of published equations that represent growth and yield of southern hardwoods.
SPS - Stand Projection System
STIM - Stand and Tree Integrated Model for western hemlock
Sylvan - Sylvan Stand Structure Model - Whole/Individual tree growth model, crown volume/surface area driven, uses Beta distribution. Research model (Dave Larson @ U. Missouri). Challenging to parameterize.
Sylver -  
System-1 - Predecessor to Conifers
TADAM - TADAM-DF is a growth model for British Columbia Coastal Douglas-fir plantations. It is based on a stand-level dynamical system approximation to ooutput from TASS.
TASS - Tree And Stand Simulator
TAUYIELD - Stand-level growth and yield model for cutover, site-prepared stands (with financial analysis package)
TIPSY - Yield table interpolator for TASS.
TreeGrOSS - (Tree Growth Open Source Software). TreeGrOSS is a Java version of a forest model BWINPro for northwestern Germany
TRULOB - Individual-tree growth and yield model for cutover, site-prepared lands
VDYP -  
YPOP - Stand-level growth and yield model for thinned stands of yellow-poplar
Roundwood Measurement   A web clearing house of information on log scaling and other related information
Modeling Environments    
GYST - Growth and Yield Software Technology - Spreadsheet interface to growth models developed as DLLs, FASTLOB (others are possible), Windows only.
Landscape Management System (LMS) - System to integrated Growth Models within an interface for use and evaluation of modeling results. Integrates FVS and Organon Growth & Yield Models. Tries to provide a simplified user interface, but limits access to features of growth model. Requires stand level and tree list information. Growth, treatment, table output, visualization output (stand and landscape). Expandable system that allows for additional analysis: wildlife, carbon sequestration, economics, etc.
Suppose - Graphical User Interface for the FVS modeling system. Supports all variants and features of FVS growth model. Manages access to data (user files, corporate database, etc.), Windows only.
Link Site Organization
Growth and Yield Modeling BC Ministry of Forests and Range
VA/NCSU Growth and Yield Coop Loblolly Pine Growth and Yield Cooperative, Department of Frestry, Virginia Tech
GMUG - Growth Model Links Growth Model Users Group


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